Maqui Berry Diet

There are a number of ways you can introduce Maqui Berries into your everyday routine. Although a regular dose via a Maqui Berry Active capsule is one option, using the powder is an interesting and simple way to combine it with a healthy diet. Below are just a few ways you can use the Maqui Berry Active powder in your meals every day of the week.

Smoothies and Shakes

Mix some Maqui Berry powder into any smoothie to add the power of antioxidants with the Maqui Berry’s great taste. Whether you’re whipping up a banana smoothie with low fat milk or a mixed berry smoothie to boost the antioxidant levels, adding some Maqui Berry powder will not only taste great for you and the kids, but keep your whole family feeling great as well. They are also the perfect additive to protein shakes.

Fruit Salad

Mixing up a great fruit salad? While you’re cutting up bananas and chucking in strawberries, why not consider a little Maqui Berry powder or some Maqui Berries themselves. They are a great supplement to any meal and if you are looking for something to boost your health kick, Maqui Berries are the perfect way to boost the antioxidant levels and round off a delicious fruit salad.

As a Topping

From yoghurt and porridge to ice cream and custard Maqui Berry powder is a great topping for any meal and your kids will love the taste. With a sweet berry flavour similar to blueberries and all the antioxidants your body needs to fight free radicals and improve your immune system, Maqui Berry powder is a great addition to any dessert or snack.


Everyone knows that drinking water is essential to a healthy diet. But have you ever thought about mixing in some kind of supplement? Maqui Berry powder is a great way to increase the power of water, with double the amount of antioxidants than Acai Berries and high levels of Vitamin C, fatty acids and Potassium.

Add some Maqui Berry to your diet! Order the Maqui Berry Active powder or capsules at our online store today.