Maqui Berry Active

Maqui Berry Active is here at last...

You don't have to wait any longer - this premium natural health and well-being berry antioxidant sensation is here. We know YOU and YOUR FAMILY will love the great taste and benefits of Maqui Berry Active.

Maqui Berry is the latest weapon in combating poor health and known to have the highest antioxidant properties and is high in anthocyanins and polyphenals.

Results from nutritional tests have been nothing short of amazing.

Maqui Berry Active contains 100% organic freeze dried Maqui Berry, Nature's number one premium antioxidant health berry,  in capsule and powder form for your convenience. 

Antioxidants work with the body to inhibit the damaging effects caused by free radicals in the body whilst overcomng the effects of poor diet, pressures and strains, and general depletion to help the body function at optimal performance.

The ultimate natural health and well-being supplement
to help function at your best inside and out.

Don't Miss This Important Fact About Maqui Berry

How does Maqui Berry compare with other known berries?

Maqui Berry is stronger in antioxidants than Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Noni Berry and Pomegranate Berries.

It is known to have the highest antioxidant properties compared to any other fruits as well as high in anthocyanins and polyphenals.

1. Where Does The Maqui Berry Originate From?

Grown only in the Patagonia Region of Chile, this particular deep-purple berry is harvested once a year. As with most other fruits, berries found in Equatorial or Arctic regions of the world are much more potent and contain higher Antioxidant levels than fruits grown in milder climatic areas.

2. Is Maqui Berry Organic?

Yes - Maqui Berry is Organic. In our capsule range only Organic Vegetable capsules are used.

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3. What Are The Ingredients?

Maqui Berry ingredients include:

  • Anthocyanins
  • Delphinidins
  • Malvidin
  • Petunidin
  • Cumarins
  • Triterpenes
  • Flavonoids and
  • Cyanidins

Maqui Berry Active contains no chemicals or fillers, is gluten free and vegan friendly, and free of artificial colouring and preservatives.

4. How does Maqui Berry Compare to other Superfruits?

Maqui Berry is the premier antioxidant fruit available on the market today.
- Prof. David N. Bell - President, Bell Advisory Services LLC

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