Buy Maqui Berry Active Powder 150g & Read Review

Buy Maqui Berry Active Powder 150g & Read Review
Brand: Maqui Berry Active
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Maqui Berry Active - Each tub contains 150 grams Maqui Berry Active (100 serves)

Maqui Berry Active is now available in Australia in powder form, and taken daily is the latest weapon in combating poor health. From the nutritional tests that have been performed, the results are nothing short of amazing. It has the benefits the human body needs in order to function at optimal performance.

Maqui Berry is stronger in antioxidants than Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Noni Berry and Pomegranate Berries.

Benefits Of Maqui Berry

The antioxidants in Maqui Berry work with the body to inhibit the damaging effects caused by free radicals whilst overcoming the effects of poor diet, pressures and strains, and general depletion to help the body function at optimal performance.

Grown only in the Patagonia Region of Chile, this particular deep-purple berry is harvested once a year. It is known to have the highest antioxidant property compared to any other fruits and is high in anthocyanins and polyphenals. As with most other fruits, berries found in Equatorial or Arctic regions of the world are much more potent and contain higher Antioxidant levels than fruits grown in milder climatic areas. Read more information on Maqui Berry.